Edes Educational Centre is a new business that allows children of primary and secondary school age, the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of supplementary educational services. It is aimed at developing a child’s academic potential. At the centre, the method of learning that will promote and foster independent learning skills in children, which will help them attain the highest level of study is employed. Mathematics and English programme is personalised to meet the needs of all children dependent on its resources.


Edes Educational Centre is distinctively set to deliver the guidance, skills and knowledge to make children excel. It offers the infrastructure and experience to deliver tailored programmes to specifically meet the learning needs of each child. The breaking down of difficult concepts in a way that ensures that children understand and learning is achieved is paramount. Different activities such as role play,  singing, visual, audio and hands on activities is integrated into the teaching and learning session. Whatever is the child’s learning style preference for learning is incorporated into the session.

Edes Educational Centre run small group session in Maths and English for children of primary and secondary school age. Session is for a duration of 1 hour. Available throughout term time as well as school holidays. Main areas of teaching include key stages 1, 2, 3 and 4. Also teaching GCSE Maths and English. We also deliver one to one tuition at pupil`s home.


Edes aims to provide a remarkable difference in the teaching and learning experience of all children under her tutelege.

Centre for Maths and English Tuition

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Play session for children with special needs.


Date: Every Saturday 

Time: 3.00pm - 5.00pm


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